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Spiritually Preparing Kids

to Branch Out in Christ



Branch Kidz meet during the regular Sunday morning services! Kids from 6 weeks through 5th grade come to experience God in a safe, fun, and exciting environment! From singing songs, playing silly games, and hands-on Bible lessons, your kids are sure to have a blast all while learning about God. 

By the time your kids are 5 years old, it is our goal that they know,
God made me.
God loves me.
Jesus wants to be my friend forever

By the time your kids enter into middle school we want them to own 3 basic truths,
I need to make the wise choice.
I can trust God no matter what.
I should treat others the way I want to be treated.

Branch Kidz Rooms and Classes


Infant Nursery (6 weeks through 24 months)

We provide a happy, safe environment for our tiny Igniters. Babies 6 weeks old through 17 months are cared for, loved, and prayed over by our nurturing volunteers. Your babies will be cuddled, rocked, and told simple truths about Jesus!

Tykes for Christ (2 and 3 years old)

Your active toddler will have a blast as they are introduced to the love of their heavenly Father! Toddlers enjoy a simple interactive Bible story, fun singing and dancing, crafts, snack time, and lots of playing! Your child will be receive the best care and attention to help them learn and grow with Jesus!

Young Believers (4 years old through 1st grade)

In Young Believers our goal is to help children discover God. This area uses interactive storytelling, song singing, and activities for active child that allows them to find out who God is and begin a relationship with Him. Each week we provide play time, interactive song singing, a fun Bible story, craft time, and a small snack for your child!

Upper Room (2nd through 5th grade)

In the Upper Room your child will be a part of what God is doing in our church. This group has the oppurtunity to have a time of worship, interactive story-telling, games and activites, and hearing the word! Each week your child will learn something new and can apply it to their lives.

Safety and Security!

Our priority at Branch Kids is to help children follow Jesus. We realize that this can only be done in a safe and fun environment. That is why security is important to us. On your first visit to Branch Kidz you’ll be asked to stop at our Branch Kidz Check-In Area to sign in your kids. We will ask you a few questions that lets us know about you and your child(ren). You can also let us know of any special concerns or allergies that would be helpful for us as we partner with you. You’ll also be given a security tag. The number on the tag must match the number on your child’s tag after the session. Once you are checked-in, you and your child will be directed  to their group area for the day. All of our  leaders have background checks and are passionate about teaching your child how to follow Jesus.  Then, once the session is over, you simply bring your tag back to your child’s group area to pick up your child. If for any reason you are needed during the service to help with your child, your child’s security tag will be projected on the screens in the main worship area.

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