There are so many ways that you can find your place within our church family. From young adults, parents, seniors to men groups, women groups, volunteer groups of all kinds. We are truly a family serving the same foundational goal with Christ leading the way.


Faithful Followers Young Adult Sunday School Class is an open discussion class that focuses on a new topic each week. This class is to help young married couples and adults face the obstacles this world may throw at them by applying Biblical doctrine that is found in the Scripture. (Teacher - Josh Phillips & Logan Rust) 

The Other Adults Sometimes you just don't fit in when the crowd. You think different and you need a place where you fit in. The "Other" Adults is a discussion group that follows studies such as "True Spirituality by Chip Ingram" and other subjects that help us to be stronger disciples of Christ.


Lord's Helpers is a traditional adult Sunday School Class that follows a printed quarterly curriculum. Students may ask questions, but typically it is a lecture based class. The class often goes out on events and retreats to further strengthen their fellowship with one another. (Teacher - Ray Stott and Rhonda Johnson)

Growing In Christ is an adult discussion Sunday School Class that deals with topics related to parents and the work force. Students follow different program studies that are decided on within the class. (Teacher - Stephen & Jennifer Moore) 



Adult Sunday School Class is an advanced age Senior class that follows a printed quarterly curriculum. It is held in the church sanctuary to give those who have difficulty walking an easier location to meet. The class also features a rotating teacher to give a broader perspective of the lessons. (Teachers - Peggy Price, Carol Hall, Luby Tyner, and William Lynch)



Adult Women is a weekly in a small group Bible study that meets on Wednesday nights at 7:30pm. All women are invited to attend this meeting at build relationships with other women who love the Lord. Currently the Women's Bible study is going through the Priscilla Shirer "Armor of God" series. 


Adult Men meet each week in small groups and focus on how to be Godly men. The group is led by a facilitator who leads discussion based off the Tony Evans series "Kingdom Man". All men are invited to attend this awesome series.