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It’s Summertime!

It’s Summertime...

Ahhhh, Those lazy, crazy, hazy days of summer……  Many of us remember the song sung many years ago at the end of school year, and the feeling was freedom, relaxing, sunshine, and fun. It would be time for vacation, going to the beach, or even the favorite lake to enjoy swimming, hot dogs, and friends.

But then we grow up. We have kids, careers, responsibilities, us having to plan the vacations and time schedules.  We deal with sick children, sick spouses, sick ourselves, possibly losing jobs, searching for enough money to pay this month's bills, car problems, and before we get our house paid for, our refrigerator and washer break down, and we have to replace the roof.  What happened to those lazy, crazy, hazy days of summer? Where did the fun go? If we’re not really careful, we can lose the joy in our lives altogether.

As I’ve had to find out, you will also have to see for yourselves. Learning to put God first place is a decision we often make out of desperate necessity, when we suddenly face more than we think we can handle. But God is patient and loving, and even if he finds himself the last resort, he still comes into our lives loving us, and with answers to help us. Your child can’t seem to “Get It” in school, but devoting time in prayer and encouragement to your kid, he eventually does get it, and excels. Maybe you lose your job like I have experienced. God knew way before it happened it was going to, and he had an answer planned back then. But you find yourself praying and begging for an answer, and suddenly it comes. Many couples find themselves around the 40-50 age range, suddenly thinking life isn’t as exciting as it used to and this leads to many marriages going through upheaval. At times it may even seem as if it’s over, with no recourse, but if even one partner is willing to pray and seek the power of God, it can be amazing what can happen.

Whatever your reason for losing your joy and walking in depression, God has an answer just for you. It has been tailor made for your situation, divinely constructed, and filled with everything you need for joy and peace in your life. So start each morning this summer, giving God his time first. Go ahead and praise and shout to him, because he enjoys the praise of his people. Don’t be stingy with the time you spend, and it will amaze you what will transform in your life. 

Have a happy, joyful, and relaxing start to this summer. God Loves You!        


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April 6
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April 9
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April 12
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